Brian Elliott

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Office: CPS 202
Phone: 503 725 2689



Brian Elliott sees philosophy as a means of thinking through everyday concerns relating to society, politics, and culture. In his teaching at Portland State he strives to make the study of philosophy engaging and relevant to the diverse student body he serves.

Elliott's early research centered on imagination and phenomenology, more recently turning to social philosophy and urbanism, and Critical Theory and architecture.

His most recent publication, published with Edinburgh University Press (2016), is Natural Catastrophe: Climate Change and Neoliberal Governance. In this study he argues that the framing and policy responses to climate change over the last three decades (the sustainable development paradigm) stem from a specifically neoliberal understanding of the environment and how it realtes to human well-being. A follow-up work, also with EUP, examines the recent rise of populism and argues that neoliberalism has created a crisis in liberal democracies by destroying the legacy of working-class political organization and culture.

Elliott is associated with the Public Philosophy Network (PPN), which works to promote the relevance of academic philosophy to broader social and political issues beyond the academy. In connection with PPN, he is co-organizing a conference on urban sustainability with the Philosophy of the City group.

More details of Brian’s academic background and publications, including a full CV, are available at: