Borders: Representation and Reality




Borders: Representation and Reality 

MK Gallery, February 8th - February 27th, 2019


"Codex of Migration", Hector H Hernandez

In his seminal essay, "What is a Border?" Etienne Balibar write of the "heterogeneity and ubiquity of borders" and observes that "borders are everywhere". Though people often conflate borders with official political borders, borders are also social, cultural, economic, and psychological. Border walls and barbed wire fences gouge landscapes. Borders are etched in law books and embodied by state officials charged with coercing, confining, and deporting transgressors. Languages and dialects nourish communities, but also exclude people without linguistic knowledge or access to interpretation. Borders are mobile, etched on bodies, accompanying people as they traverse space. Furthermore, they are polysemic so that their effects and even their visibility vary depending on people's individual characteristics and social belongings. As a result, borders immobilize some and facilitate the mobility of others, perpetrating structural inequalities. 

Though borders structure the fabric of the social world, their nature is mysterious and opaque. Borders are not static. Indeed, borders in significant ways are the efforts to maintain and contest them - if people do not recognize and legitimize them, they cease to exist. In many respects, it is more sppropriate to speak of bordering rather than borders. 

The heterogeneity, complexity, and peculiarity of borders call for multidisciplinary efforts to explore the ontological, socio-political, and cultural dimensions of borders. In this spirit, we invite artists and theorists across disciplines and media to present and exhibit in our gallery/symposium Borders: Representation and Reality. 

Curator: Gabrijel Hammond Savic Ra

Organizers: Alex Sager (Philosophy), Angela Coventry (Philosophy),
Craig Epplir (World Languages)

Hector H. Hernandez (Mexico/USA):                               "Sacrificial Skull", Hector H Hernandez
Nica Aquino (Philippines/USA):
Vojislav Radovanovic (Serbia/USA):
Okty Budiati (Indonesia):
Palash Bhattacharjee (Bangladesh): 
Hormone Sekine (Japan):
Lidija Antonovic (Serbia)

ADOS33, February 8th, 2019, 7 p.m. MK Gallery
Flying Caravan, Feburary 22nd, 2019, 6 p.m. MK Gallery


Panel: Borders: Representation and Reality
presented by the PSU Department of Philosophy Socratic Society

February 13th, 2019, 5 p.m. AB 200 (School of Art & Design)

Elena Aviles (PSU, Chicano/Latino Studies)
Nica Aquino (Artist)
Craig Epplin (PSU, World Languages, Spanish)
Hector H Hernandez (Artist and PSU, Chicano/Latino Studies)
Angela Coventry, Panel Chair (PSU, Philosophy) 



"Weeds Always Flourish", Vojislav Radovanovic


Thank you to the American Philosophical Association's Berry Fund for Public Philosophy for their support.