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Percent for Art Projects

Percent for Art Projects are commissioned and installed through the Oregon Arts Commission (OAC). The State of Oregon requires that legislatively-approved capital construction and renovation projects spend at least one percent of the direct construction costs towards public art. These projects, from inception to installation, are facilitated through Capital Projects and Construction (CPC) in coordination with OAC and campus departments located in that facility. The artwork is generally sited in areas with maximum public exposure.

View the Art

A selection of PSU's Percent for Art can be viewed on our Flickr site here. Look below for additional examples of PSU's Percent for Art work.

Cobbletale. Jerry Mayer, 1992.
Cobbletale examines and appreciates, both geologically and in the more recent historical sense, Portland's cobblestones. Located outside Blumel Hall, 1705 SW 11th Ave. Click here for a campus map.

Banner Image: Juicy II. Steven Beatty and Laurel Kurtz, 2008.
Colorful sculpture composed of reclaimed bottlecaps and lids from cans and jars. Located on the stairwell ceiling in Ondine, 527 SW 6th Ave. Click here for a campus map.