Campus Art Advisory Committee

The PSU Art Advisory Committee is comprised of a collection of faculty, staff and students from across the campus. The committee is a sub-committee of the Capital Advisory Committee (CAC). The committee is charged with providing guidance and oversight of the campus art collection.


The PSU Art Advisory Committee recognizes the significance and value of works of art as educational resources and sites of opportunity for scholarly discourse and cultural awareness.

The Committee seeks to enrich the aesthetic experience of individuals at PSU and in the community by advocating for the acquisition, display, maintenance and conservation of works of art of the highest quality in the campus collection.


Dean Leroy E. Bynum Jr., College of the Arts (Chair) 
Tom Bennett, Developmental Engineer, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Tami Lasseter Clare, Associate Professor, Chemistry
Jason Franklin, Director, Campus Planning and Design
Josh Gates, BFA Student/Student Art Coordinator
Alberto McKelligan Hernández, Assistant Professor, Art History
Kristin Hole, Assistant Professor, Film Studies
Jaymee Jacoby, Senior Director of Development, College of the Arts
Trish Kalidonis, Director, Littman + White Galleries and student
Sarah Kenney, Executive Administrative Coordinator, Planning, Construction and Real Estate (Staff)
Susan Kirtley, Associate Professor, English
Elsa Loftis, Humanities and Acquisitions Librarian, Library
Mary McVein, Visual Resource Coordinator, Art+Design
Cris Paschild, University Archivist/Head of Special Collections
Trevino Brings Plenty, Coordinator, Native American Student Services
Aaron Whelton, Assistant Professor, Architecture
Alex Woodward, MFA Student
Dan Zalkow, Associate Vice President, Planning, Construction and Real Estate