Policy Advisory Toward Health (PATH) for women
Policy Advisory Toward Health (PATH) for women provides accurate, high-quality community-driven research, data, and analysis to inform women’s health policy. PATH for women also serves as an independent source of data, analysis, and coalition capacity building for the public, advocates, and policymakers.

Our research and coalition capacity building efforts help others understand how Oregon, other states, and the nation as a whole are progressing in women's health; help others to develop policies to advocate for women's health; and ensures that PATH for women is responsive to the community's health, research, and information needs. With the nation lagging far-behind critical benchmarks in health (standards), the need for effective policies and programs is increasing. We are dedicated to bridging the information-gap between the academic researcher, policymaker, service-provider, and community member, and empowering communities to request research and develop programs that improve women's lives.



PATH for women is a two-part organization that consists of Outreach and Research.


PATH for women: Research and Outreach