Faculty and Administrators

Many excellent teachers and administrators brought their talents to Vanport Extension Center.  However, even with a growing student body and a dedicated faculty and staff, the future course of this "temporary" extension center was far from certain.


Professor Frank Roberts

Professor Frank Roberts, speech.

Frank Roberts taught at Portland State from its inception in 1946 until 1982. Roberts also served as department chair and associate dean of the faculty. Later, as a state legislator, he was an advocate for the school.


Professor Judah Bierman

Professor Judah Bierman, English.

Judah Bierman signed up in fall 1949 and became a creative teacher, an early adviser to the Vanguard, and one of the founders of the Portland State Scholars program 20 years later.


Professor George Hoffmann

Professor George Hoffmann, history.

George Hoffmann became a hugely popular teacher and served as department chair and later as dean of the College of Social Science (today part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences). He served Portland State for 35 years.


Professor Jean Black

Professor Jean Black, Library 

Jean Black was a pioneering head librarian at Vanport (1946), Oregon Ship (1948), Old Main-now Lincoln Hall-(1952), Smith Center (1959), and Portland State's Millar library (1968).


Professor W.T. "Bill" Lemman

W. T. "Bill" Lemman, Vanguard Advertising Manager and co-founder of the bookstore.


W.T. "Bill" Lemman, administrator, served higher education for more than 40 years in positions such as Vanport College business manager, Portland State business manager, PSU vice president for business and finance, and chancellor of the Oregon State System of Higher Education.

Professor Richard Halley

Professor Richard Halley, economics.

Richard Halley, a favored student adviser at Vanport, advocated strongly for college status, served as dean of men at Portland State, led numerous faculty projects, and chaired the Economics Department.