What happens after the deadline for the Special Education application?

Once the applications deadline has passed, all application files are reviewed. Scoring guides help determine points for experience, GPA, previous coursework, etc. Selected applicants come to PSU for a scheduled interview. Again, scoring guides assist in determining an overall profile of each applicant. Admissions decisions are made after an applicant's interview, and students will be notified of the final decision within a two to four week time frame. Regular decision applicants will be notified by early April, so that students can register for the required summer courses. Applicants are recommended for admission to the University. At that point the University Office of Admissions reviews student transcripts to make sure they meet the GPA requirement and determines their admission status. In other words, students need to be admitted both to the program and to the University. University admission requires the department's recommendation for admission to the program. Admitted students must begin during the term for which they were admitted or their admission will be cancelled.