What is AMCAS?

AMCAS is a non-profit, centralized service developed by medical school admission officers to facilitate the process of applying to participating U.S. medical schools. AMCAS does not render any admission decisions or advise applicants where to submit applications. Each participating school is completely autonomous in its admission decisions. AMCAS only provides the processing service. 109 of the 128 medical schools participate in AMCAS at this time.

AMCAS application, electronic version (AMCAS-E) or paper, are available in April in the Health Sciences Advising Office, 491 Neuberger Hall, or by contacting AMCAS directly at:

Section for Student Services
Association of American Medical Colleges
2450 N. Street NW, ste 201
Washington, DC 20037-1130
Telephone: (202) 828-0600
email: amcas@aamc.org