How can I use Siteimprove to increase the accessibility and functionality of my enterprise site?

Request Siteimprove Access

To access Siteimprove, you must submit an access request by emailing ucomm-support@pdx.edu with the following information:

  • Your name 
  • Your pdx.edu email address
  • The fact that you want to get access to Siteimprove
  • The enterprise site(s) for which you need access. 
    • Example: If you're in the Office of Information Technology, you would request access to pdx.edu/OIT
    • You will only gain access for the site(s) you specify, so be sure to include all the ones you need.    

Navigating Siteimprove

Logging In

After getting access, you will get a welcome email. Follow the link in that email to create a password for your Siteimprove account. 

After you've created your password, you can login to Siteimprove using your registered email and password at any time though Siteimprove's login portal

Using Siteimprove

When you login to Siteimprove, there are a variety of features available to you. To learn more about those features, please visit Siteimprove's New User Guide. Please keep in mind that you have Read Only access, so not all features will be available to you.  

Along with the New User Guide, you can use the following FAQs to learn how to use Siteimprove:

Accessibility Tutorials 

Prioritizing Accessibility Issues 

General Accessibility FAQs 

Fixing Misspellings 

Fixing Broken Links 

General Quality Assurance FAQs 

While using Siteimprove, it will show you a cached version of your pages so you can see the location of different errors. However, you cannot make edits to your site through Siteimprove. You must login to the Enterprise CMS and make edits there


Along with using Siteimprove through their website, you also have the option to receive regularly scheduled reports. To schedule a report, visit Siteimprove's FAQ on Scheduling Reports. You can also learn more about reports from Siteimprove's General Reports FAQs.   

Additional Resources

Visit Siteimprove’s FAQs for additional assistance with using the program. Please keep in mind that you have Read Only access, so not all feature of the program will be available to you. To determine what features you have access to, please visit Siteimprove's User Roles & Rights FAQ

You may also want to review PSU’s Accessibility Guidelines for Enterprise Sites, the Dos and Don’ts on Designing for Accessibility, and WebAIM’s Accessibility Quick Reference Guide

For additional support, please email ucomm-support@pdx.edu