How and when do I apply to medical school?

The application process for medical school begins more than a year before the proposed matriculation (expected entrance in to medical school) date. You may take either the April or the August administration of the MCAT (see below), AMCAS (see below) will begin accepting applications in June, and interviews normally take place between October and March for acceptance the following fall.

You would begin by completing the AMCAS application and mailing it to the centralized service along with official college and university transcripts. AMCAS begins accepting applications in June, and the specific deadline for each medical school varies (deadlines are published in the AMCAS information booklet). AMCAS standardizes the information from the application and forwards it to the medical schools that you indicate. (If you are applying to any non-AMCAS schools, contact those school directly for information and application materials). The individual medical schools then review your application.

If you meet their minimum criteria for acceptance, they will send you a secondary application in which they request letters of recommendation, updated personal statements, updated transcripts, and an additional application fee. (Secondaries). Once your file is complete, your application is forwarded to an admission committee for review.