Can I transfer any credits from Portland State University or other institutions into the Executive Master of Public Administration degree program?

Students are eligible to apply up to 15 credits of previous coursework to the Executive MPA Program, provided they received at least a B- grade in each course, the courses were taken at an accredited college or university, and the course work is not more than seven years old at the time of graduation from the Executive MPA Program. This policy applies to coursework taken at all institutions, including Portland State University. All pre-admission/transfer credit will be evaluated for suitability and is subject to approval by program faculty. Pre-admission/transfer credit will only be evaluated and approved during the application process. No additional credit received outside of the Executive MPA Program can be applied to degree requirements once a student has been admitted into the program. Students seeking pre-admission/transfer credit for courses taken at an institution other than PSU must submit official course descriptions and syllabi with their departmental application form. 

Visit the Executive MPA website for full details.