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Education & Training

The collaboration between the university community and professional practitioners across Oregon will provide faculty with valuable information and feedback to help them design curricula and research projects to meet the needs of transportation professionals.

As the OMC becomes established, the private sector will be encouraged to participate in research and applications to become a strong academic-public-private partnership. Guest lecturers will be invited to offer short courses, workshops and other academic programs on advanced transportation modeling and analysis.

The OMC looks to provide practical experience in modeling and analysis, through work on research and development projects, expanded curricula, and internships with state and local agencies, and private firms. The OMC hopes to create a pool of qualified resources that are available to Oregon modeling agencies and consultants as project partners and as potential employees.


OTREC universities conduct programs with a variety of academic departments to promote a broad, multidisciplinary education in transportation in Oregon. 

At Portland State University, the OMC is involved in undergraduate, graduate, and professional development courses in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the School of Urban Studies and Planning.

The Oregon Institute of Technology offers programs in Civil Engineering and Renewable Energy Engineering

The University of Oregon has transportation courses and related undergraduate and graduate programs in the Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management.

At Oregon State University, the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering offers courses and degrees with an emphasis in transportation. 

Visiting Scholars

Opportunities exist to support travel to Portland to collaborate or present work related to modeling. OTREC's visiting scholar program provides one opportunity for researchers to present their work to a wide audience. The Institute for Sustainable Solutions also has a visiting scholar program that attracts applicants engaged in multidisciplinary and systems-based approaches to sustainability problems.