Web Application Serving

The web is an essential research tool for efficiently sharing research stories, data, and information. Research web application hosting is intended to accommodate custom, research-related web applications that cannot be hosted as PSU Enterprise websites, or don’t meet OIT standard web hosting requirements. The OIT Web Hosting Google site has additional information about web hosting options.


Our research web application servers currently support:

  • Apache with PHP, mod_wsgi, or mod_passenger
  • PHP
  • Python and Django
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Tomcat (local install only)/JSP
  • Access to hosted research data

These web applications are hosted on a Ganeti cluster, providing resilient hosting and flexibility to scale, to meet growing resource needs.

Further Resources

To request a website, please use the Website Creation or Access Request Form.

Please contact Research Computing if you have questions regarding web serving or web-based projects. We can assist you with solutions that will meet your requirements.

For web development services, contact the Web Development Team.