Using RightFax

Portland State University offers faxing services with a system called RightFax. RightFax is a system that can replace your physical fax machine with a virtual, software based solution. RightFax can serve all the same functions as your current fax machine while saving you on machine lease fees, supplies, and maintenance. The RightFax system is a great way to limit the use of paper and ink in your office and make your operation more sustainable. RightFax can also streamline your operations by providing you with one central fax mailbox that can be checked from anywhere.

RightFax Solutions

In order to best serve your needs, we offer three different ways that you can take advantage of RightFax.

Full RightFax Functionality

RightFax would take the place of your physical machine and would be used as your sole fax solution, used for outbound and inbound faxes. This allows you to send a fax from your desktop computer using the RightFax client software application.

RightFax Hybrid Solution

RightFax would take the place of your physical fax machine for inbound faxes, while keeping an active phone line for outbound faxing from your physical fax machine.

Inbound Faxing Only

This solution would provide you with a RightFax solution for inbound faxes but does not provide any solution for sending outbound faxes.

Ordering RightFax

Why Migrate?

In addition to the cost savings of retiring your paper fax machine and supporting sustainability efforts, there is a technological reason to migrate. Analog fax machines have the potential to become unreliable on the campus network after our phone system is migrated to an IP connected network. Analog faxing relies on very precise timing mechanisms that tend to experience errors on an IP network. The phone system migration is planned for the coming year.

Demos and Other Questions

You can visit our RightFax User Guide to see more details.  Please contact Telecommunication Systems with any questions or to set up a demonstration of the product. We are happy to visit one of your regularly scheduled staff meetings and do a 15 minute presentation.

How to Order

RightFax is the same cost as an analog fax line.

To order, please email  your contact information, department name, and the phone number of the fax service you wish to migrate (or tell us if this is new fax service). A ticket will automatically be created and one of our analysts will contact you for specific information.

Further Resources

Visit the RightFax User Guide and the RightFax FAQ for more information.

Contact Telecommunication Systems for additional assistance.