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Unified Communications Bundle

The Unified Communications (UC) bundle is a phone service package provided to PSU accounts that have Education and General (E&G) funding. E&G funding is typically provided for expenses associated with the education of students for credit. To determine if you can use E&G funding for your phone services, talk with your department's fiscal officer or the University Budget Office.


The current billing and funding model was fully implemented across campus in Fiscal Year 2014. This model eliminated monthly phone charges to E&G-funded accounts and established a level funding source to maintain campus networks. The simplified billing process increased efficiency by reducing operational overhead. Other types of non-E&G customers such as retail customers, auxiliaries and service centers continue to be billed on a monthly basis.

Explanation of Services

The bundled services in the UC package include Basic Phone Service and Advanced Call Routing, for no monthly fee. Installation and activation charges may still apply.

Basic Phone Services

Advanced Call Routing

Not Included

There are some items not included in the Unified Communications bundle. Please note the list below is not all-inclusive:

  • Labor/materials for moving, adding, or changing service
    • Technician labor is billed at $60/hour
  • Additional phone stations
    • A station is any item that uses a station license in the Avaya system. This can be a phone line, a voicemail box, a fax line, etc. If you are not sure whether an item uses a station license, please request a quote from our office before placing a service order.
    • Stations beyond the number available under E&G funding (raise the station count for an E&G funded units) will be billed one time at $400/station.
    • Moving extensions/stations from a non-E&G index to an E&G index will cause this fee to be applied to the E&G index, as this will raise the station count for E&G funded units.
  • International long distance
    • International long distance will be billed at the contracted rate.
  • Call Management System (CMS) supervisor software licenses
    • Each additional CMS license will be billed one time at $600 or the current purchase price
  • Other services provided by third-party vendors
    • Third-party vendor services will be billed at the true cost of service, including administrative expenses.

Unified Communication Billing

Billing statements for E&G funded accounts are located in under the Finance tab (you must be a Banner Finance user to access this section). Note: It is against OIT policy to order new phone services under an E&G index and use them in auxiliaries or other non-E&G departments.

If you have phone charges on your E&G funded account, this is likely due to one-time charges or international long distance usage. To see more information about the charge:

  1. Check the Banner activity code (22011 is usage, 22012 is one-time).
  2. If you see an activity code of 22010 associated with your charges on an E&G account, go to and review your statement.
  3. If you see a $400 charge on your statement, it's most likely a one-time fee for new service. This is billed whenever a new station is activated or if a station is moved from a non-E&G account to an E&G account. The description for this will read "5xxxx MAINT & REPAIR ASSESSMENT" on your statement.
  4. If the statement does not provide a reasonable explanation, please contact our office for a bill review.

Further Resources

What if my UC phone breaks or needs repair?
Phone repairs, maintenance, and equipment replacement is included for no additional charge as part of the UC bundle. You will not be charged for legitimate repair activity resulting from normal use.

What if I need to move my UC phone service or add a new service?
Contact your department Telecom Coordinator to request changes in service.

What if I want to upgrade my UC phone set?
Requests for phone set replacements will be reviewed. At the discretion of Telecommunications Systems, phone sets may be replaced with models better able to deliver enhanced features of PSU’s systems.

Contact Telecommunications Services for additional assistance.