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Telephone Bill

This article describes how to access and understand PSU telephone bills.

Accessing Your Online Bill

Only Banner Finance Users have access to the online bill. If you attempt to log in to BanWeb and no 'Finance' tab appears, please contact the Office of Business Affairs at 5-3443. If an account you are responsible for is not available, please fill out the Authorization to Grant Additional Access to PSU Telecom Statements Form.

  1. Go to and sign in with your Odin username and password.
  2. Select Finance (either the tab or the menu item).
  3. Select the year of the statement you want to view and click Display. (Please note that they are listed by calendar year, not fiscal year.)
  4. Select the statement you want to view. Statements are organized by the end date and account number.

Understanding Your Online Bill

When you are viewing your Telecommunication Systems Billing Statements through Banweb, the top of the form will detail the Account Charged (Index Code), the date the billing period ended, your customer designation, and the JC Number used to charge your account through Banner.

  • The JC number, shown in the upper right corner of the bill, can be used to look up the summary in Banner. Usage charges are Banner account code 22011, Recurring charges are 22010, One-time charges are 22012, and Cellular Charges are 22013.

Usage Charges

Usage charges are listed alphabetically by username and are separated by the type of usage.

  • AUTHCODE: calls made using authorization codes
  • DT: can be one of two types of calls:
    • Calls to other universities in the Oregon University System
    • In-bound Watts (PSU 800# calls) - These are calls to the Portland State University 800-number. They are identified by the lack of charge listed, as well as by the number called matches the extension at the top of the report.

One-time Charges

One-time charges are billed to your account once, generally for the add, move or a programming change to extensions. Examples of typical one-time charges:

  • Service order charges (Add, Move or Change)
  • Install and/or activation of data jacks for network service
  • Business line charges from outside vendors
  • Telephone directory charges (Qwest Dex)

Equipment Recurring Charges

Equipment recurring charges are monthly charges for phone sets, stand alone voice mailboxes and advanced call routing technology. Telecommunication Systems does not make changes to these charges unless prompted by a service request from the department's Telecom Coordinator.

Personal Call Reimbursement

If a personal long-distance call has been made using a long distance authorization code be sure to have your department reimbursed for this call. Contact Telecommunication Systems to set up a reimbursement plan.

Cost-Saving Measures

If you have reviewed your bill and are concerned about the charges, please consider the following options:

  • A Telecom Coordinator can organize service order requests so they are on the same work order. This will help to avoid being charged the minimum one-time charges more than necessary.
  • Take note of usage totals from month to month, this can help you catch any inappropriate or suspicious usage.
  • Look at the originating phone number on long distance calls. Are these calls being made from places they shouldn't be?
  • Have staff reimburse your department for personal phone calls.
  • Contact Telecommunication Systems to discuss other cost-saving options.

Billing Cycle & Schedule

The Telecommunication Systems billing cycle runs from the 21st of the month to the 20th of the following month. Charges made to the account during this time will appear in your web bill for the month.

Further Resources

Contact Telecommunication Systems with any questions regarding our online billing details.

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.