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Technology Administrators Group

The Technology Administrators Group (TAG) is comprised of campus IT professionals who are working on systems and networks at Portland State University. In addition to representatives from PSU's central IT group (the Office of Information Technology), the TAG includes representatives from departmental IT groups. Please read the full TAG Charter for more information.

Mission Statement

A Technology Administrators Group will be created and sustained to provide a forum for Information Technology (IT) professionals at Portland State University (PSU) to: Exchange information and ideas; Collaborate on IT initiatives to meet institutional goals; Provide feedback and advice to each other; Ensure compliance with relevant policy; Engage in training.

TAG Services

  • TAG Google Site: Contains numerous support resources for TAGs, including training and reference documentation, mailing lists, discussion groups, and more.
  • Datacenter Hosting: Physical, virtual server, and storage hosting in the OIT datacenter. See our Service Catalog for more information.
  • Change Control and OIT Alets: Keep informed of campus IT system changes and outages.
  • Mailing Lists: There are several mailing lists that are useful to campus IT professionals. Here is a sample:
    • The OIT-TAG-Group is typically used by OIT to communicate information targeted at campus technology administrators. Examples include: the agenda and date/time for the monthly TAG meeting, updates on OIT technology initiatives, etc.
    • The OIT Alerts list is used to provide updates on system outages, etc.
    • The OIT Account Renames list is used to notify IT units of Odin computer account renames so downstream systems/applications that use Odin credentials for authentication can be updated.
    • And many more...
  • Documentation: Detailed information on topics such as Active Directory, Network File Shares, SCCM, etc.
  • SSL Certificates: OIT provides GlobalSign SSL certificates at no cost for most campus websites.
  • Admin/Privileged Accounts: Get a separate user account to manage your IT assets.
  • Server Operations: Access to CIS Server Operations.

How to Join

If you meet the TAG Charter eligibility requirements and would like to join the TAG, click the button below to submit your request.

Further Resources

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.