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Scheduling Meetings

PSU Google calendars are very useful for setting up meetings. This article will explain how to create a meeting, find the best time for all attendees, and book a meeting space.

Creating Meetings

You can create meetings and invite attendees by selecting the Create button in the calendar itself. You also have the option of creating a meeting within an email to the attendees, by selecting the plus sign button at the bottom of the compose window and then selecting the calendar icon.

Finding a Meeting Time

When creating a meeting, you can use the Suggested Times feature to automatically compare the schedules of all attendees and find a list of suggested times when all attendees will be free for the meeting. Be aware that unless the attendees have set themselves as busy during all non-work hours, the list of times may include weekends/holidays, so you may still need to ensure that the attendees will be on campus at the suggested time.

You can also use the Find a time feature to select a meeting time. This feature compares the calendars of meeting attendees and presents them to you in a side-by-side, graphical format. The advantage of this format is the possibility of finding a time that works for most attendees, rather than being restricted to a list of times that work for all of them.

Booking a Space

OIT recommends adding meeting spaces to events, in order to reserve time in that space for your event. Meeting space availability is tracked by resource calendars. When creating the event, you can access the appropriate resource calendar by looking for a link to “Rooms, etc.” above the place where you add Guests. For more information about resource calendars, go to the Resource Calendar Guide.

When you add a resource calendar to an event, it will add the resource’s title to the event’s “Where” field. This also generates a link to a Google Maps search for the resource title. If you do not find the attached Google Map useful, you can either delete the contents of the “Where” field or replace it with the actual street address of the location. Adding the actual address may be of great help to any external guests you have invited.

Further Resources

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