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Residential FAQ

If you have a question about PSU's residential telephone and Internet services the FAQs do not resolve, please see the Further Resources section for assistance.

Residential Telephones

When will my phone service start?
Your service should be active upon moving in to your new apartment.

Why am I getting calls for someone else in my new apartment?
Each University Housing apartment has an assigned telephone number and it is possible that you are receiving calls for a previous occupant. Inform callers of your new occupancy. If unwanted calls persist, contact Campus Public Safety at 5-4407 for further instructions.

Why can't I make a call to an off-campus number?
To call a local number, dial 9 (for off-campus access) and the local ten-digit number you want to reach. To make a long distance call from your room a prepaid calling card or MobileSphere access number will need to be used.

How do I make a domestic or international long distance call from my University Housing phone?
Calls must be made using MobileSphere account, a prepaid calling card or via a toll-free access number.

MobileSphere CellularLD Service Advisory: For your security, since calling from registered phone numbers DO NOT require you to enter an account number (PIN), please DO NOT register a phone number that might be used by other parties. All calls made from that phone number, using the MobileSphere access phone number will be charged to your account, so registering a non-private number may result in charges for calls other than your own. When dialing from a residence phone, use the account number (PIN) provided in the welcome e-mail.

Callers are getting my voicemail, but I didn't hear the phone or I only heard a half ring. What's going on?
Your phone has been forwarded to voicemail. Pick up your receiver and press #88 to deactivate this feature.

I have call waiting but I keep hanging up on the other person. Why is this?
Our system requires that you press the flash button, then * 4 to switch to the second caller. Depending on your telephone model, you may have a flash button, a switch hook, or the on/off button may recall dial tone. Repeat the same procedure to return to the first caller.

What do I do if my telephone isn't working?
First, borrow someone else's working phone and plug it into your telephone jack (use the ivory jack, not an orange one). Listen for a dial tone and place a test call. If this test phone works, the problem is in your telephone. If this phone does not work, call University Housing at 5-4370. There is a fee for the technician's labor if the problem was caused by the user or the user's equipment.

Residential Internet

Why doesn't my gaming console work well when playing online?
For optimal performance, you should register gaming consoles so they will be placed on PSU’s gaming network. For information about registering your gaming console, visit the Internet Device Registration page.

What does my computer need to be able to connect to the PSU network?
Internet service will be active when you move into your apartment. You can connect to PSU Wi-Fi from anywhere on campus using your Odin account. For information on PSU's Wi-Fi networks, visit the Wi-Fi page.

Depending on the building you live in, you may also have a wired Ethernet port. To connect to a wired Ethernet port, you must have an network card (NIC card) and an Ethernet cable. For help finding out if your computer has a NIC card, contact the Helpdesk. Ethernet cables can be purchased at the PSU bookstore.

Why is my connection to Netflix, Google/YouTube, and other websites so fast from the residence halls?
The PSU network peers directly with Netflix, Google/YouTube, and many others to provide you with fast connectivity to popular streaming websites.

Further Resources

Contact Telecommunication Systems for additional assistance.