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RC Software

Research Computing maintains a broad range of software on RC computing systems including “standard” research tools as well as domain and platform specific software. The following is a sample of software that is installed on research computational servers and HPC clusters:

  • GNU compilers (GCC, gpp, GFortran, etc.)
  • PGI compiler suite (hydra)
  • Intel compilers (coming soon)
  • MatLab, Mathematica, and Labview scientific softwares
  • Gene sequencing, cataloging and manipulation software, including MrBayes and RAxML-MPI
  • Molecular modelling software such as JMOL, Amber, and NAMD
  • SAS and R statistical software
  • Geospatial/online mapping software
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL relational databases

Using Research Computing Software

Please contact Research Computing with your software requests. RC will evaluate the software systems requirements and, if appropriate, install it on research systems. If the software you require has additional systems or resource requirements, RC will work with you to develop maintainable solutions for your needs. If a software installation requires more than 4 hours of work, you may be charged for additional services. This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The following are references for many of domain specific software installed on RC systems. This is a sample of software, not an authoritative list:

Further Resources

Contact Research Computing for additional assistance.