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PSU Google Accounts

Your Odin account is also your PSU Google account and is only active while you are enrolled/employed with PSU. This means that you will need to be aware of when your account is going to expire (go to the Odin Account Standard for more information) and have a plan for migrating any data you have stored in PSU Google Apps. OIT recommends using Google Takeout as a resource for moving most your data in and out of Google accounts. For moving data in Google Sites or anything not covered by Google Takeout, Data Liberation Front provides further options.

Using your PSU Google Account

Avoid using your Odin account and email to sign up for external services, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, Amazon, etc. Your Odin account will expire when your affiliation with the University ends, which can result in the loss of access to the external service, including the inability to reset passwords or missed billing notices. To avoid this issue, OIT recommends the best practice of using your personal email address to sign up for external services instead, and using your PSU email for PSU business only.

As you interact with tools on the web, some of them will offer to pair with your Google Apps account. This is fine, as long as you trust the vendor or service. The prompt requesting access will detail what access is being granted—make sure to review everything you are granting access to. If you ever want to review your connected sites, apps, and services, you can do so by going to the Authorized Access to your Google Account page.

Further Resources

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