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PSU Gmail Workshop

The Office of Information Technology provides training for many aspects of using PSU Gmail. A full description of the workshop can be found below.

PSU Gmail

Instructor: Phyllis Boulton
Usual Location: Neuberger Hall, 4th floor lab
Length: 2 hours
Description: Learn how to use PSU Gmail and access your email address from the web interface at This workshop will teach you basic email management and how to use Gmail's great features to make you more effective and organized. Open to everyone at PSU.

Email is a great tool for communication and organization, and everyone at PSU is given a email address and mailbox. The best and most reliable way to access your email is via the web interface at

This workshop is geared towards people who get a lot of emails, which is just about everyone at PSU. We'll cover the features of Google Mail and tips you can use to make email more manageable. Even people who have used Google Mail for years will discover new features and tools:

  • Account settings / Personalizing your Google Mail interface
  • Google Mail Shortcuts
  • Labels & Filtering
  • Conversation View
  • Organization: with folders, labels, stars
  • Searching
  • Chat
  • Canned responses
  • Different Inbox styles
  • Archiving vs deleting


Additional Material