Project Requests

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) may be able to provide assistance with software or hardware modifications or implementations. The information on this page relates to large departmental or interdepartmental projects.

Please follow these steps to request a project:

  1. Prior to requesting OIT's assistance with a project, please confirm support for your project with your Dean/Director/Department Head.
    Note: Projects must have this level of support or higher for OIT to be involved. For major project requests, Excom level support is required.
  2. Once you have gathered the above information, enter your project request using the OIT Project Request Form.

After submitting the form, OIT will contact you for more information and guide you through our project evaluation and prioritization process.

Project Evaluation

Project requests are scored based on alignment with PSU and OIT goals, project risks, and other criteria determined by the Information Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC). Note that this score is not the only factor determining project approval and prioritization.

Further Resources

Contact the OIT Project Management Office or Helpdesk for additional assistance.