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Ordering Telecommunication Services

Telecommunication Systems (TS) uses a system called Telecom Automated Ordering System (TAOS) for processing all requests to add, change, remove, and repair services. TAOS allows us to streamline our internal processes so work is completed in as timely a manner as possible. To access TAOS, go to

Please note that you must be a Telecom Coordinator to access TAOS and order services. Please check our List of Telecom Coordinators to find who to contact in your department. If you can not find your department listed or if the information is out of date, please contact TS for further assistance.

Logging In to the Telephone Automated Ordering System (TAOS)

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Odin username and password. If you are not allowed to log in, contact TS.
  3. Select Log In.
  4. Enter your contact information on the next screen. Be sure to enter your name, not the name of the person for whom you are requesting the service. Enter your 10-digit phone number (not just the extension), and the location of your office. It is important for us to have this information so that we may contact you if we have any questions about the services you require.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. The next screen will allow you to select the service you wish to request.

Telephone Extension Services

The Telephone Extension Services section allows you to add, change, or disconnect an existing extension (telephone, voicemail, agent id's fax, modem, etc.). You can also use this section to request to add or modify voicemail, coverage path, a pickup ground, or speed dial.

Adding a Multi-line/Digital Telephone Set

Either of the first two options in the Telephone Extension Services list allow you to add or change to a multi-line digital set. The following instructions are for adding or changing a 2410 or a 2420 phone set. If you wish to change from an existing set to a new one you must fill out a disconnect request for the existing equipment and then an add request for the multi-line set you wish to order, do not just fill out a change form.


  • Ring: This means that it can be used to call the associated extension. This is useful for allowing you to have multiple lines on your phone or to pick up a call to your departmental line.
  • Send: sends all incoming calls directly to voicemail.
  • Message Waiting: This shows if you have a voicemail message while the busy indicator shows if the associated extension is in use (e.g. your departmental line).
  • Autodial: This automatically calls the associated extension.
  • Directory Next: Scrolls through the directory.
  • Call Display: Used to make a call from the directory.

If you have any questions regarding how to fill out button assignments or how to use the buttons once they have been assigned, please contact TS.

Adding a Single-line Extension

This option allows you to add a single line, standard, phone, voicemail, fax, modem, etc.

Moving or Disconnecting an Extension

When you wish to switch from a single-line to a multi-line extension (or visa versa), it is important to fill out the Move/Disconnect form first, then fill out an Add form. For a Disconnect select "action" disconnect. There is no need to put anything in the "To Location" field.

Repairing an Existing Extension

Place a request in an email to Please include the following information:

  • Building
  • Room number
  • Set type
  • Detailed description of the problem
  • Contact name and phone number

Adding, Changing or Removing Auto Attendant

This option allows you to add an auto attendant, modify the button settings on an existing auto attendant, or delete an existing auto attendant.

The Attendant Behavior section determines how the Automated Attendant will respond for each button pressed by the caller. The first couple treatments are generally set to transfer the call to another extension. There is also generally a button a caller can press to get to voicemail where the call will be answered. It is also common to set the treatment for button 0 to transfer the call to the main department line. Finally, the Timeout treatment means that after a predetermined amount of time the call will be automatically transferred to a departmental line or voicemail.

For more information on Auto Attendant, or to place a request, please contact TS or send an email to

Adding, Changing, or Removing a Pickup Group

This option allows you to add a new pickup group, add or remove extensions from an old pickup group, or to completely remove an existing pickup group.

It is only necessary to enter the extensions that you wish to add or remove from your pickup group. You can enter up to 25 extensions.

Adding, Changing, or Removing Speed Dial

This option allows you to add or remove numbers from your existing speed dial, or to add/remove the speed dial option from your telephone. Please note that this speed dial option is separate from the buttons on your phone that can be programmed to different phone numbers.

The speed dial list will be set up from a personal phone. This form is used to determine which extensions will have access to the speed dial list.

Data Services

The Data Services section allows you to add new data jacks, activate installed jacks, and move or deactivate jacks.

Adding New Data Jack(s)

Use this option if new data jacks need to be installed. It is possible to install the jacks and leave them inactivate or activate them at the time of installation. Provide a map or description of which data jacks you want activated and/or installed in the Special Instructions field.

Activating Installed Data Jacks

Use this option if data jacks are already installed, but need to be activated for use. The jacks should be numbered on the face plate. Be sure to enter the numbers exactly as they appear on the plate.

Moving or Deactivating Data Jacks

Use this option if a person is moving to a different office or location. Moving a jack means the current jack is deactivated and a new one in the new location is activated. You should also use this option when a jack needs to be deactivated.

Add Wireless or a New Network Switch

Use this option if you need additional wireless access point or if you need an additional data switch after receiving confirmation from TS your existing data switch no longer has available data ports. It's best to request a quote prior to ordering a new install or request a wireless survey if your area is having wireless coverage issues to determine if additional access points are needed or if there is another technical solution available.

Non-Extension Services

The Non-Extension Services section allows you to start a telecom project, add, change, or remove long distance passwords, or add, change or remove a conference call reservation.

Adding, Changing or Removing an Authorization Code

An International Long Distance Password may not be requested as a single password for the department, every person in the department must have their own.

Please keep International Long Distance Password current. If someone has left the University or your department, it is your responsibility to let us know so that we may cancel their International Long Distance Password. If you do not let us know, the International Long Distance Password could be used by an unauthorized user and your department would be held responsible for the charge.

Ordering a Headset

TS no longer orders or supports headsets. For more information, contact TS.

Records Services

It is important for us to have all our information regarding index codes and names current. You can use these options to change names and index codes on equipment. When changing index codes, you have the option of changing the code on a single piece of equipment or on all associated equipment. Only fill out one section of the form, depending on what you need to change.

Changing the Index Code on a Single Piece of Equipment

Fill out only the first section to change the index code on a single piece of equipment. The month for Change to Occur field is the date which the change will be effective. Please note that we cannot make changes for any earlier than the current billing cycle.

Changing a Universal Index code

Fill out only the second section to change the index code on all equipment with that code. The month for Change to Occur field is the date which the change will be effective. Please note that we cannot make changes for any earlier than the current billing cycle.

Changing a Name on an Extension or Equipment

Enter the new name that you would like the current name to be changed to.

Email Confirmations

The system will send you an email confirming your service request. This does not mean that your order has been processed. It is only to let you know that the system has received your request and your order will be placed into the queue to be worked on.

If your service order requires a technician, the system will send you an email when your work order has been created. If your service does not require a technician, you will only be sent another email when the service is completed. Work requiring a technician should be completed within 15 business days of the date of this email. Telecom projects may take longer to complete depending on the request and size of the project and the date of completion will be determined once all information has been received. Should you have any questions regarding your work order, please refer your work order number when you call or write.

When your work order has been completed, the system will send you another email.

Further Resources

Contact Telecommunication Systems for additional assistance.