Non-Standard Odin Accounts

Odin accounts are only available to admitted students, faculty members, and staff employees. Individuals who need some level of access to PSU technology resources, but who don't qualify for a standard Odin account, may qualify for a non-standard Odin account. Non-standard Odin accounts include Affiliate accounts and Service accounts.

Affiliate Accounts

Affiliate accounts are typically created for non-credit students or non-traditional employees (for example, those who are not being paid through Human Resources). Volunteers, short-term visitors, and contractors or vendors are also good candidates for an Affiliate account.

Only deans, department heads, directors, and their proxies can create Affiliate accounts. If you believe you need an Affiliate account or need to make changes to your existing Affiliate account, contact the dean, department head, or director of the department you work with. For more information, visit Affiliate Accounts.

Service Accounts

Service accounts are typically created for PSU faculty or staff who need a non-individual inbox for an office or team. Service accounts provide no access to PSU services beyond PSU Gmail. For more information, visit Service Accounts.

Further Resources

Review the Odin Account Standard to learn more about Odin account types and their associated services.