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New Student Collaboration Study Rooms at PSU Library
Author: Tina Morgan - Portland State University Library & Izabella Warner - Office of Information Technology
Posted: February 10, 2014

The library is more than just a quiet place to study—it’s also a place where groups can meet to gather information, share resources, and work collaboratively. Information technology has not only revolutionized the way libraries deliver services, it has also transformed the study spaces where students get together to learn and work on projects.

The PSU Library and Office of Information Technology (OIT) have a long history of coming together to transform traditional study environments, equip them with new technology, and create spaces that facilitate knowledge exchange and promote active learning. The latest such collaborative project is the renovation of three basement study rooms: Millar 90, Millar 96, and Millar 2. 

These rooms will be furnished with the Extron Teamwork system (which is similar to the media:scape system already available on the library’s second floor). Students will be able to mirror their own devices on a shared, large-screen display, or use the room’s built-in computer, which will be equipped with all the software currently available on the library lab computers. This means that students don’t have to supply their own computer, or they can work with multiple computers at once, each taking turn to share their desktops on the large screen. This form of collaboration will be particularly useful for students working together on group projects where content from different devices needs to be shared by the group. The shared display in Millar 90 and Millar 96 will support six separate devices, and Millar 2 will support four. 

Work on the transformation has already begun, and all three rooms are expected to be available by end of February. Students will be able to reserve the rooms using the library’s online reservation system