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Mailing Lists

Notice: The Office of Information Technology will no longer be creating new Mailman lists. We recommend using PSU Google Groups to send emails to lists of users.

Mailing lists make it easy for a group of people to communicate with each other using a single email address. When you send an email to a mailing list address, everybody subscribed to the list receives your email. Depending on which service you use, additional features are also available, such as web archival of messages or tracking how many people click a link in the email.

Mailing List Services

  • Google Groups are Google's mailing list app. PSU Google Groups are freely available to everyone with an Odin account and are automatically integrated into PSU Gmail (meaning that the group will appear if you begin typing its name, just as other PSU contacts will). They are easy to manage from within Google Apps and are well supported by Google.

  • MyEmma is a paid option for sending emails to large groups of people, and functions more as a marketing tool. With MyEmma, you can quickly import large groups of users, send attractive, styled HTML emails or forms, create custom email templates, and examine custom tracking data, including clicks and opens.

  • Mailman is an older mailing list service that has been available at PSU for several decades. It offers a lot of customization, but can be difficult for new users to master. For most people's purposes, one of the other options above is a better choice.

  • Talisma CRM can be used to send mass-mail campaigns to current and prospective students, including tracking follow-up emails and regularly scheduled emails such as the weekly Virtual Viking. Talisma CRM is a complicated service and requires at least one person in the department be trained to set up and execute campaigns. 

Further Resources

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