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Long Distance

The PSU telephone network no longer requires the use of an authorization code for domestic long distance calls but will need an International Long-Distance password (ILD) to place International calls. In accordance with PSU policy, long distance passwords are assigned as unique numbers to each person on campus desiring long distance service. All long distance users are held responsible for charges made with their respective ILD password, regardless of whether or not they placed the call in question. International Long-Distance passwords can be obtained for faculty and staff by contacting your department's Telecom Coordinator.

  • Do not share your ILD password with anyone and encourage others to obtain their own code from the Telecommunication Systems (TS) office. If your password is lost or you suspect someone else is using it, contact the TS office immediately.
  • State law makes public employees personally liable for the improper use of public funds or resources. Failure to comply with these restrictions could subject employees to civil fines, personal liability, and appropriate disciplinary action.

Dialing Long Distance Numbers

Domestic Long Distance Calls

To call a number in the United States, dial 9 + 1 + Area Code + Listed Number. For example, to reach a number in Vancouver, Washington, dial 9-1-360-XXX-XXXX.

International Long Distance Calls

To call a number outside of the United States, dial 9 + 011 + Country Code + City Code + Listed Number + International Long-Distance Password (ILD). If you are experiencing difficulty placing an international call, please contact Telecommunication Systems for assistance.

Note: Calls to international cell phones are often charged at a much higher rate than calls to international land-lines. We recommend you find out whether you will be dialing a cell phone or land-line before placing your call.

Using Off Campus Phones

If you need to make long distance calls from off-campus, PSU has multiple solutions to assist you.

If you are a telecommuter that needs to make calls from off-campus, please start with PSU’s Telecommuting Agreement. TS can also assist telecommuters by implementing features such as extension to cellular (EC500), use of a softphone, or other appropriate options.

If you are traveling and need to make PSU business related long distance phone calls, we recommend working with your department to be reimbursed for the rental of a cell phone or purchase of a prepaid calling card.

Long Distance Rates

Domestic Rate

PSU is no longer charged for Domestic long distance calls.

International Rates

50% to 80% discount off AT&T International Direct Dial Rates, depending on country. For more information, visit our International Rates pages:

Further Resources

Students can place long distance calls using the procedures found at Long Distance for Students.

If you are experiencing difficulty placing a long distance call, you can contact Telecommunication Systems for help.