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H & I Drives Overview

All Odin accounts are given storage space on PSU’s network, called H and I Drives. Users can save and access files from on and off-campus on these drives. The H Drive is intended for personal, private file storage, while the I Drive is a shared storage area used by staff and faculty departments.

Understanding H and I Drives

Uploading/Downloading to H and I Drives

You can securely access your H and I Drives from any computer that is connected to the internet. For specific instructions, please visit Using H & I Drives for Windows or Using H & I Drives for Mac. For more information on where to put your files in the I Drive, visit the I Drive Shares page.

Storage Capacity

H and I Drives have different storage capacities, depending on their associations. You can view your capacity based on your role in the list below.

  • Student H Drives: 500 MB
  • Faculty/Staff H Drives: 10 GB
  • Shared I Drives: varies

To check how much space on your H Drive you're currently using, follow the instructions on the Using H & I Drives for Windows or Using H & I Drives for Mac pages to map your drive.

Student/Affiliate accounts that run out of space will need to move or delete files. If they are doing work for a department, they can speak to their department about requesting access to some space on the department’s I Drive. Faculty and staff should use I:\Staff, I:\Projects, or I:\Research to house projects that require additional space. If the I Drive is not an appropriate storage location, contact the Helpdesk and let them know why you require additional storage space.

Security and Access

H and I Drives are backed up every night and are a good place to store important files. If your hard drive crashes, the files may not be recoverable, but if there are copies of your most important files on your PSU drive, they will be backed up.

Access to H Drives is automatically granted to every Odin account owner. I drive access is granted separately, and can be requested by filling out the I Drive Request Form. Only department resource managers can submit the I Drive Request Form; if you are not a resource manager, you must request that one submit the form on your behalf.

Adding Folders to I:\Staff

To request a new folder within I:\Staff, contact the Helpdesk. If your department has a point of contact for departmental IT support (also known as a TAG), they can also make the request by filling out a Network File Share Request.

Further Resources

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.