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Google Contacts can hold numerous pieces of contact information for each individual, letting you keep information like email address, phone number, personal websites, and birthday all together in a single location. You will primarily access your contacts through Gmail and any mobile devices on which you have synced your Google account. To find out more about syncing, go to Mobile Device Sync.

Using Contact Features

When accessing contacts through Gmail, there are a few useful features that will help you organize your entries, including:

  • Find and Merge Duplicates: Occasionally you may find duplicate entries in your contact list. For instance, one entry will contain their phone number and another will contain their email address. To scan your entire contacts list and find all instances of duplicate names or data, you can use the Find and Merge Duplicates feature to combine them.
  • Delegate Contacts: When you need to share your contacts with another person, or they wish to share theirs with you, the Delegate Contacts feature will enable you to designate others to have access to your contacts. Please be aware that delegating your contacts to someone will give them full edit access, meaning that they can change entries in your contacts list.

Managing Similar Contacts

If some of your contacts are too similar, or if the wrong contact pops up too often, you can modify the name in the contact list. For example, if there are two John Smiths on campus and you need a quick way to differentiate between them when choosing the email recipient, you can add some kind of identifier to their names, like "John Smith - student" and "John Smith - faculty". Please be aware that the recipient will be able to see what you change their name to when you email them. For instructions on how to change a contact's name, go to the Editing contacts page.

Similarly, if you are receiving emails meant for someone else with a similar name, changing your "Send mail as" name may help people to differentiate you from others. For instructions on how to change the way your name appears to others, go to the Change your username page and follow the instructions in the section entitled "I want to change the name that people see on my messages and Google Chat". If you would like to change how your name appears in all PSU systems (including PSU Gmail), you can go to and select "View/Update Preferred Name" from the Personal Information tab.

Further Resources

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.