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Google Apps FAQ

If you have a question about using PSU Google Apps, consult this FAQ to see if your question is listed. If your issue is still unresolved, please see the Further Resources section for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Google Apps

I already have a personal Gmail email account. How does this work with PSU Gmail?

 PSU Google Apps are a completely separate service from Google’s consumer-level Gmail and Google Apps. Since these services are web-based, Google hosts them on different servers/domains. Not only are the web addresses different, but you need to login with a different username and password than you would with your personal Google/Gmail account.

We recommend using your personal Gmail account while logged into one browser, while using your PSU Gmail within a separate browser. For instance, stay logged into Firefox with your personal Gmail, and Safari/Chrome while logged into your PSU Gmail. We have found this the best way to avoid Google account conflicts.

Where is Google Talk history stored?

It is not stored. Chats in Google Talk are very much like phone calls--they are brief discussions which are not saved. If you need to save information contained in a chat session, copy and paste it into either an email or a Google Doc.

Do sub-domain email aliases function within PSU Gmail?

Email aliases that refer to sub-domains (e.g. are not supported, in terms of sharing and inviting to events. However, email delivery does work. Mail is delivered to your account - the account you use to login to computers and Google Apps. Other users must use your primary account if they wish to share a doc or invite you to a meeting, but since the PSU directory is integrated into Google, users can simply type in your name.

How accessible are PSU Google Apps?

Google has and continues to put energy into making the web more accessible to everyone (Accessibility at Google). Despite that, The Disability Resource Center has brought to our attention that Google Sites currently are not very accessible to people who need to use screen readers, or other accessibility assistance technologies. If you have students or colleagues with these types of concerns you should work directly with the Disability Resource Center (DCR 5-4150).

What privacy protections exist? How secure is it?

We know that privacy is an important concern for members of the University community. PSU Gmail provides strong security and privacy protections — including a level of privacy stronger than the public Gmail offering. For more information, read Google’s Security Policy.

Will Google Apps ever be integrated with D2L?

We are still evaluating potential integration between Google Apps and D2L. At this time, there are no "official" integration software, although there is a strong possibility for future developments. Stay tuned!

What are Google Labs and can I use them?

Labs are the "farm league" for features. Google pays attention to feature requests, the development of plug-ins, and marketplace apps. As these prove themselves to be popular and of high quality, Google will make them available through Labs. Eventually, some labs are fully integrated into Google, becoming a fully supported feature and no longer labeled as a Lab.

Because Labs may disappear, break, or change without warning, OIT does not support the functionally of Labs unless they are incorporated into Google Apps. That being said, feel free to explore.

Further Resources

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