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Event Support

If you are hosting an event on the campus of Portland State University that requires audio visual equipment, the Campus Audio Visual Event Team (CAVET) is here to assist you. We work closely with Video Production Services (VPS), Auxiliary services, the Event Logistics Team (ELT), and other campus entities to coordinate A/V support for events which are booked in the Event Management Systems (EMS) scheduling tool.

CAVET provides the following services:

  • Video projection
  • Audio amplification and recording
  • Student and staff A/V support technicians (2 hour minimum support)
  • Equipment for teleconferencing
  • Event videography and live streaming

CAVET can also provide a variety of videography services for your event, including recording, streaming, jumbotron effects, manned video conferencing, DVD creation, and YouTube upload for distribution. We use professional grade equipment and our operators are fully trained in their use.

Requesting Event Support

If you have already reserved a space for your event on campus and are ready to begin reserving AV equipment, please contact the CAVET front desk at 503-725-9126 or send us an email outlining your needs at Please provide your contact information, including a phone number and full name.


PSU internal pricing is available to PSU faculty and staff who are hosting events which are PSU-related. Internal pricing is half of the external rates. Student groups receive internal rates when reserving A/V equipment for their events. Guests of PSU who are reserving A/V equipment will be required to pay the external rate.


CAVET recommends that you spend some time pre-planning your event. That involves scheduling a tech rehearsal, determining tasks and roles, creating a run of show document, and creating a floor plan.

Further Resources

View the PSU event calendar.

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.