Document Imaging

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Document imaging systems give users a way to digitize, archive, and manage documents, freeing up office space and making documents easier to access and manage. Scanned documents are backed up, recoverable in case of disaster, encrypted to prevent physical theft, and can be secured so that only the appropriate users can access them.

Document imaging is just one aspect of OnBase by Hyland, Portland State University's (PSU) Enterprise Content Management system. With OnBase, documents can also trigger online automated workflows. For instance, gathering all necessary signatures for approval of a form; this changes a process that used to require weeks to one that moves at the speed of email.

Document Imaging and Management

The most straightforward project for departments looking to start using OnBase are called "Scan - Store - Retrieve" projects. The goal of a Scan - Store - Retrieve project is to help a department scan its paper documents or import digital files into the PSU system and index them so that they are easily findable in the future.

The Enterprise Applications (EA) team can help your department set up a process for scanning and a framework of metadata to index your documents. Departments are responsible for providing the equipment and personnel to do the actual scanning and indexing work.

During a Scan - Store - Retrieve project, you can leverage several of OnBase's features:

  • Redaction: Hiding some data on a document based on an individual's OnBase permissions.
  • Retention Rules: Automated processes for identifying documents that are due to be removed from the system in accordance with policy.
  • Advanced Capture: Using optical character recognition to automatically read some data from a well-defined form.

Workflow and Unity Forms

A "workflow" in OnBase is a digital recreation of a business process. A form filled out by an employee might need to be reviewed by their manager and then forwarded to another office to be processed. On paper, that process is hard to track, can miss steps, and takes time. By setting up a workflow in OnBase, the system ensures that each step is completed. It also pulls data directly from Banner so that users don’t need to re-enter information that already exists.

PSU has several OnBase workflows currently in use and in development, including the following:

  • FMLA/OFLA Requests: An employee-facing online form that routes information for manager approval and then to HR for processing.
  • Academic Requirements Committee Petition: When a student logs in to complete this form, the system identifies their major and routes the request to the appropriate academic advisors.
  • PSU Undergraduate Admissions: This advanced system integrates with Banner to support the admissions evaluation process, makes transcripts from previous institutions available to academic advisors, and automatically generates final decision letters as electronic documents that can be emailed to students. This system was named a Winter 2014 Model of Efficiency by University Business magazine.

OIT will ask departments that plan to engage in multiple workflow projects (or a single complicated one) to have a staff member trained as a departmental coordinator for OnBase. With the Enterprise Applications team’s guidance and support, trained users can build solutions themselves, and will also be a resource to the department to help train new staff and resolve simple technical questions.

Advanced Projects

OnBase is a powerful platform capable of supporting a wide range of projects, and some of the capabilities that it brings, such as integrated security, data integration with Banner, and deep support for managing documents, can cut the time for developing new solutions down significantly. Leveraging our existing investment in OnBase also cuts expenses and includes the support of OIT’s OnBase team.

The EA team is eager to talk with any department to discuss potential projects. Contact them at for more information.

Requesting Access to OnBase

You can request access to existing OnBase resource by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your Odin username and password.
  3. Select the System Access Menu.
  4. Select the System Access Request Form.
  5. Select the OnBase tab in the section that says "Tell us about the access you need...".
  6. Complete the form as directed by your department.

Further Resources

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Contact the EA team at for additional assistance.