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Dialing Instructions

Your phone has a number of different dialing features. Read the guides below for an overview of how to dial different numbers.

Dialing PSU Telephones

Calling other PSU Phone Extensions

The term "extension" at PSU means the last five digits of the telephone number. Staff/Faculty PSU telephone numbers follow the scheme of 503-725-XXXX (extension 5-XXXX) and 503-414-XXXX (extension 4-XXXX). For student residence buildings, PSU telephone numbers start with 503-471 (extension 1-XXXX). For example, to call Financial Aid (503-725-3461) from your campus phone, you would dial 5-3461.

Local Calls

To call a local number, dial 9 (for off-campus access) and the local ten-digit number that you want to reach. For example, to reach the University Post Office, dial 9-503-274-1362. Please remember that the Portland calling area now has two area codes (503 and 971). If you are unable to reach a local number by dialing the 503 area code, please check to to see if it could be a 971 area code listing.

Directory Assistance

Dialing 411 from your campus telephone requires long distance access. If you do not want to incur the cost of a long-distance call, you can access the DexOnline Directory at no charge.

Calling the Operator

  • To reach the PSU operator, dial 5-3000
  • To reach an AT&T operator, dial 9-0-0
  • To reach a Qwest operator, dial 9-0

Further Resources

Contact Telecommunication Systems for additional assistance.