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Database Servers

Fast, efficient data storage and database management systems are a key components to research systems. Database systems are used for a broad range of applications, including stand-alone databases and back-end data organization for web applications.

Choosing a Database Management System (DBMS)

Our research database hosting currently offers the following specifications:

  • PostgreSQL 9.4.6. (
    • PostGIS 2.1
    • For more information on PostgreSQL, visit the PostgreSQL homepage.
  • MySQL 5.5. (
  • Current DBMS servers:
    • Dell 710 dual Xeon, 6 core processor with 96GB RAM and SAN attached storage
    • Dual processor Windows 2008 server VM with 4GB RAM.

There are a number of factors that can determine which Database Management System (DBMS) is most effective for your research needs. At this time, we offer general support for open-source DBMS PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Further Resources

Please contact RC if you have questions regarding which DBMS will most effectively meet your requirements or how we may assist you with your database application.