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D2L Homepage

The D2L homepage is the first page you see after signing into D2L. On this page, you will find a list of all the courses you are registered for. Not all Portland State courses use online resources or D2L. If you're not sure whether your course uses D2L or not, contact your instructor.

The D2L Menu Bar

The D2L menu bar is always present at the top of your screen while you are logged into D2L. It allows you to access your courses, notifications, and personal settings from any screen.

The "Rubik's Cube" drop-down menu allows you to access a course from any page instead of returning to the homepage and searching through a list of your courses. A pinning feature is available to the right of each course name. If you pin a course, it will always show up at the top of the list. Pinned courses will also migrate to the top of your My Courses widget.


Three drop-down menus are available to the left of your name:

  • Message Alerts: Displays recent emails, along with access to the D2L Email tool.
  • Subscription Alerts: Displays notifications for any forum or announcement item you have subscribed to. If any of these receives a new event, a red asterisk will appear on them.
  • Update Alerts: Displays an update when a Grade Item is released/updated or a two-day reminder for upcoming Assignment and Quiz deadlines.

Personal Settings

Clicking on your name in the right corner of the menu bar will open a drop-down menu. This menu allows you to access your Profile, Notifications, and Account Settings information. You can also log out from this menu.

  • Profile: Add personal information to your D2L profile. This profile introduces you to your instructors and classmates online.
  • Notifications: Subscribe to receive email or SMS notifications when updates occur.
  • Account Settings: Change the way D2L looks and behaves for you by modifying settings. This area allows you to change things like font size, time zone, discussion thread display settings, and email signatures.


On the left side of the D2L Homepage there is the global Announcements widget, where any important information regarding D2L will appear. Make sure to check this area often for important system updates.

My Courses

On the right side of the D2L Homepage you will find My Courses, a list of all the courses you are registered for. Recently pinned courses will appear at the top of your My Courses widget.

Further Resources

If you were unable to resolve your question by viewing this tutorial, contact the Helpdesk.