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D2L Course Homepage

The Course Homepage is reached by selecting the name of your course from the course list on the D2L homepage.

The Course Navigation Bar

The course navigation bar is beneath the D2L menu bar and the PSU banner. It allows you to access several important tools for your course.

  • Activities: Links to the main tools you will use in D2L such as Dropbox, Quizzes, and Discussions.
  • People: Links to tools that pertain to user management or collaboration such as Classlist, Groups, and Collaborate.
  • Grades: Links to assessment tools such as the Gradebook and User Progress.
  • Help: Links to Faculty Help and Student Help resources.

Course Widgets

By default, the Course Homepage for every D2L course will have widgets listed below the Course Navigation Bar. As every course is unique, the components you see here will differ.

  • News: Displays any important announcements that your instructor has posted for the course.
  • Activities and Content: Mirrors anything within Course Content. This is an alternative way for you to click into the course content tool.
  • Calendar: Displays new and upcoming calendar items such as due dates or quiz availability in a dropbox folder. Any custom items added to the calendar tool will also appear here.
  • Library Resources: Connects resources from the library to your course. Along with a library search box and helpful links, the widget also links to a relevant course guide or library reserves, if either are available.
  • Disability Resource Center: Provides information about contacting the Disability Resource Center.

Further Resources

If you were unable to resolve your question by viewing this tutorial, contact the Helpdesk.