Computer Labs & Classrooms

There are a number of computer labs across the Portland State University campus, offering a range of services to meet your needs. Technology classrooms can also be used as labs when they have not been reserved for class sessions.

Need more information about the labs on campus, including hours and locations?

  • Labs - Find out about the labs and computer kiosks on campus, with real time usage information to make sure there's always a computer open for you when you arrive.
  • Broadway Lab - The Integrated Digital Support Center (IDSC) is located in the Broadway Housing Building and offers both a general access lab and a faculty/graduate student lab with an extended range of services.
  • Computer Classrooms - Find out about the computer classrooms on campus, with real time usage information and classroom schedules.
  • Printing at PSU - Get all the details about how printing works in the labs.

Looking for specific hardware or software on campus?

Lost a data storage device, such as a USB thumb drive, in a lab or classroom?

Looking for accessibility options?

  • Accessible Workstations - Find out which computer labs and classrooms have accessible workstations.
  • Disability Resource Center - The DRC is located in Smith Memorial Student Union and offers drop-in consultations with accessibility and adaptive technology specialists.