Computer Accounts

Your Portland State University computer account is known as your Odin account. Odin accounts are automatically created for all students, faculty, and staff. Before using your account, you must activate it and create your password.

Odin passwords expire every 180 days by default. When your password expires, you’ll receive emails prompting you to reset it. Use the Odin Account Manager (OAM) to change or reset your Odin password

To reduce or eliminate the need to change your password, you can sign up for Duo Two-Factor Authentication and add protections to both Single Sign-On (SSO) and Direct Deposit. Students who add Duo protections to both SSO and Direct Deposit can prevent their passwords from expiring. Employees and student employees who add Duo protections to both SSO and Direct Deposit can extend their password expiration to once every two years.

Using your Odin account

Many PSU resources require you to sign in using your Odin account credentials, including the following:

  • Wi-Fi - PSU provides campus-wide wireless internet for your laptop and mobile devices.
  • Banweb - Banweb is the PSU information system used to register for classes, see your schedule, review your financial aid, look at your pay stub, and more.
  • Odin Account Manager (OAM) - Use OAM to change or reset your Odin password, enroll in Duo Two-Factor Authentication, and modify other account settings. Employees can also use OAM to update their directory information.
  • Desire2Learn (D2L) - D2L contains online classes and course content.
  • Millar Library - You can access a wide variety of information through the library's online resources, including scholarly articles and journals.
  • Computer Labs - You can find computer labs throughout campus, both for general and department-specific use.
  • G Suite (Google Apps) - PSU partners with Google to provide university-sponsored access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sites, Google Groups, Google Sync, and Google+.

Odin account expiration

Your Odin account will remain active as long as you are attending or working at PSU. After the end of your last term as a student or your last day of employment, your account will no longer be considered active. (Student and adjunct faculty accounts have a grace period before being disabled.) For more information about account expiration and grace periods, see the Odin Account Standard.

Further resources

You can find more information about different types of PSU computer accounts at Non-Standard Odin Accounts.