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Collaborate is a virtual classroom environment, created by Blackboard, that allows instructors to present to dozens of students online. It includes screen sharing, video conferencing, recording, D2L integration, and live sessions.

To access Collaborate:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your Odin username and password.
  3. Select the name of the desired course from the course list on the D2L homepage.
  4. Click on the People drop-down menu on the navigation bar.
  5. Select Collaborate.

External Collaborate Accounts

External accounts can be used to access the Collaborate external site. These accounts are needed when Collaborate is being used outside of the virtual classroom, such as hosting an external workshop.

PSU faculty and staff can request an external Collaborate account by contacting the Helpdesk or using the Faculty Support Desk Request Form. Participants in Collaborate sessions do not need an account to join but will simply click a hyperlink that is created for each session.

Collaborate Support

More information on Collaborate can be found on the following pages on the Blackboard website:

  • Getting Started: Get started with Blackboard Collaborate for Participants.
  • Collaborate Help: Browse the topics based on your role for detailed procedures and introductions to Collaborate features.
  • Audio and Video Set Up: Make sure your microphone and camera are working before your session.

Further Resources

If you were unable to resolve your question by viewing this tutorial, contact the Helpdesk.