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Calendar Sharing Settings

You can configure your Google calendar in a variety of ways, depending on how you would like your calendar to be shared with others and the amount of privacy you would like it to have. This article will explain the configuration choices you have when setting up your PSU Google calendar.

Accessing Sharing Settings

To reach the sharing settings:

  1. Go to
  2. Look for the calendar list on the left side of the page.
  3. Select the down-arrow button next to your calendar.
  4. Select "Share this Calendar".
  5. You will then be taken to the sharing settings page.

Google Calendar Sharing Settings

Using Sharing Settings

Share this calendar with others

OIT recommends that you keep certain default options in the "Share this calendar with others" section:

  • Share the calendar with everyone in the organization Portland State University.
  • See only free/busy (hide details)

Leaving these settings in place does not reveal any details about your events, but it does allow others to schedule events when you are free.

If you do decide to change those settings, be aware that by selecting the "Make this calendar public" checkbox, your calendar will be viewable by the world. Additionally, by setting your permissions to "See all event details," anyone who can see your calendar will be able to see every event, including those that you mark as "private". If you wish to keep private events visible only to yourself, OIT recommends that you create a secondary calendar to list your private events on. If you need to mark the time as "busy," you can duplicate the event (via the “More Actions” menu) to your primary calendar and remove any private information.

Share with specific people

If you would like to share your calendar and/or event details with specific people, you can enter their email addresses in the "Share with specific people" section. For more information about adding specific people and choosing their permission settings, visit Share your calendar with specific users.

Further Resources

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.