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Become a Telecom Coordinator

Telecom Coordinators help to ensure all members of their department have access to services and equipment provided by Telecommunication Systems (TS). Telecom Coordinators have fiscal authority to initiate and approve department expenditures; requests placed with TS will create one-time, recurring and usage charges on University accounts. Please understand that our office prefers to limit Telecom Coordinator status to one person per department in order to avoid problems with duplication or contradictory requests for services.

While most departments designate one staff member to be their Telecom Coordinator, some groups designate a backup for when their primary Telecom Coordinator goes on vacation or is not available. If you are attempting to become a Telecom Coordinator for your group, please check to be sure someone in your department is not already designated as Telecom Coordinator. If you would like to have a secondary, or backup, coordinator, please state the business need for a secondary coordinator in the notes field of the form.

Becoming a Telecom Coordinator

To become a Telecom Coordinator, please download and print the Telecom Coordinator Authorization Form (TAOS Access Form). Complete it and have it signed by the proper authority. Send the completed form to our office using one of the following methods:

This form will enable us to grant access to TAOS (Telecom Automated Order System), the system TS uses to process service requests and orders. Please note it may take up to 15 business days after receipt of your request to have TAOS access granted. We also highly recommend calling our office to schedule training, if you have not performed these duties before and/or you are a new TAOS user.

Further Resources

For more information on becoming a Telecom Coordinator, contact Telecommunication Systems.