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Audio Conferencing

OIT offers assigned "Meet-Me" audio conference call bridges for no charge. These audio conference call bridges will be assigned to PSU department individuals to manage how they see fit and no reservation is required through PSU Telecom.


You must be a current PSU Faculty or Staff member to have a bridge assigned to you. The conference bridges are for PSU BUSINESS ONLY. If personal use is discovered, your bridge number will be terminated. You may allow students to use the bridge for academic purposes. This service may be especially useful for student group meetings and that type of student support activity is encouraged.

Understanding Meet-Me Bridges

  • Meet-Me audio conference bridges are local 503 phone numbers.
  • Participants dial the bridge phone number and enter a conference ID to join the call.
  • Up to 6 parties may join a bridge at any given time.
  • Meet-Me bridges are available for use 24/7/365.
  • The responsibility for scheduling of the bridge is up to you if you choose to share the conference host role with others.

Signing up for Meet-Me Bridges

To sign-up for your own Meet-Me bridge, please email us at with the following information:

  • PSU ID Number:
  • Your first name:
  • Your last name:
  • Last 4 digits of your PSU campus phone number (503-725-xxxx):
  • Choose a 6 digit password for your Meet-Me conference bridge [MUST ONLY BE NUMERIC]:
  • Your PSU email address where we can send you confirmation of your order and instructions

Toll-Free Numbers

Requests for a toll free number will not be taken on a per call basis, but instead permanently connected. The toll free number would not need to be used for all calls, but would attach a $5.00 monthly recurring and usage charges onto an index code. Your department will need to pay for any long-distance charges (domestic call rate is $0.04 per minute per participant).

To start the request process, an email will need to be sent to Please include the Meet-Me telephone number and an appropriate index code to receive a $5.00 monthly fee and usage charges. It would be best to include your department’s NTS Coordinator, since their approval will be necessary.

Expanded Conference Calling

If you need a toll-free dial-in phone number or if you have more than six participants, the Expanded Conference Calling service can meet your needs for $0.049 per minute per participant. You are only charged for the participants who dial-in to the call.

Call Recording is only offered with the Expanded Conference Calling service. Your Telecom Coordinator will need to place a service request into our Telecommunications Automated Order System (TAOS) for each expanded conference call needed. Our reservation specialist will assign your expanded conference line and email you the access code to pass on to your participants.

Your Telecom Coordinator will need the following information in order to complete the service request in TAOS:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Date of Call
  • Start time of Call (am/pm)
  • Number of participants (up to 125 participants)
  • Index Code
  • If you need or do not need this call recorded

Further Resources

Contact the Helpdesk for additional assistance.