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Additional Google Apps

Beyond the core suite of Google Apps, there are many additional apps that you can pair with your Google account. For help with these apps, the best source of support will be existing vendor support articles, although OIT will make best efforts to assist.

Core Suite Apps

A full list of the core PSU Google Apps can be found on the Google Apps page. Use of these apps are governed by a contract between the Oregon University System (OUS) and Google that establishes additional data security and ownership rules. Additional apps are not subject to this contract.

Additional Apps

The following is a list of additional apps that are available to all members of the Portland State community with an Odin computer account. The non-core/additional apps are not governed by the OUS contract with Google, but rather by the consumer/personal Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This means that in using the non-core/additional apps, you are agreeing to the Google's Terms of Service.

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Help Center


Share your life online with a blog - it's quick, easy and free


 Chrome Web Store

Find extensions, themes, and apps designed for the Google Chrome browser



Create and manage custom RSS feeds


Google Analytics

Get rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness


Google Bookmarks

Access your Bookmarks on any computer, and use Lists to share them with friends


 Google Books

Search the full text of books


Google Chrome Sync

Synchronize your bookmarks, browser preferences, and browser theme on multiple computers


 Google Code

Find documentation for developing with Google's tools and APIs


 Google Finance

Business info, news and interactive charts


Google Latitude

See your friends on a map from your mobile phone or PC


 Google Maps

View maps and directions


 Google Moderator

Gather and prioritize questions or opinions on any topic from a group of people


 Google News

Search thousands of news stories


Google Reader

Get all your blogs and news feeds fast - RSS reader


 Google Squared

Build a collection of facts from the Web


 Google Translator Toolkit

Get tools for translators to translate your pages and documents faster



Real-life sharing rethought for the web



Add news, games and more to your Google homepage. Going away 11/1/2013



Share what you know



Geolocate, store and organize your photographs


Picasa Web Albums

Share photos with friends and family, or explore public photos



Watch, upload and share videos


Beyond the apps listed on this page, there are several services that are offered to Google Apps account holders. To find a full listing of apps, visit More Google applications.

You can also find many more apps in the Google Apps Marketplace. If you find apps in the Marketplace that you would like to add, it is recommended to go the vendor's website to add the app. Most users will not be able to use the "Add it now" button on the app's Marketplace listing, as this button attempts to add the app for everyone in your domain.

Add apps from the vendor homepage

Further Resources

Some additional apps require a component to be enabled within our domain, while others will just work with a valid Google Apps account. If you would like to request an additional application be enabled, try using the service directly from their site. If it will not work that way or you think it should be added to the domain, please fill out the Google Apps @ PSU - Enhancement Requests form.