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Admitted graduate students who fail to enroll for credits for consecutive three terms (excluding summer) must submit a Graduate Re-Enrollment Request to their department; if this request is supported by their department, the request is signed and forwarded to OGS for processing.

Students submitting the Graduate Re-Enrollment Request who have enrolled in coursework elsewhere since PSU admission must also submit one sealed, official transcript to the Office of Admissions from each institution attended subsequent to PSU graduate admission. 

To ensure timely registration, the completed Graduate Re-Enrollment Request should be received by OGS no later than three weeks prior to registration.

Per Executive Order 13607, students who are re-enrolling after an interruption due to military service can re-enroll in the same program, with the same enrollment status and the same academic standing, which they had when the military service began if they wish.  The period of military service and an additional period of up to three years (limited to five years total), may be excluded from standard University time limits.  Students must notify OGS that they are returning from military services (and present appropriate documentation) so that the possible impact on time limits can be identified. OGS will work with academic units to ensure accommodation of returning students.