Spring sustainability course will measure Oregon’s well-being
Author: Institute for Sustainable Solutions
Posted: March 20, 2012

A new spring course will give students the opportunity to partner with the Governor's Office to measure Oregonians' well-being. view course flyer

Students may register here for the course, which is structured as a series of evening and weekend workshops in April, May and June.

“Traditional economic measures like Gross Domestic Product are flawed as measures of actual human well-being,” said Robert Costanza, Distinguished University Professor of Sustainability and the course instructor along with Ida Kubiszewski, a research assistant professor with the Institute for Sustainable Solutions. They recently traveled to Bhutan to advise that nation’s government on the adoption of an alternative measure of progress called Gross National Happiness.

“The world is looking for better alternatives, and Oregon has the opportunity to take the lead,” said Costanza.

Students in this course will study several alternative measures of well-being, such as the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI), and work with faculty, state officials and other stakeholders to estimate the GPI for Oregon. Students will collaborate with the governor’s office to evaluate whether Oregon should adopt the GPI as one of its official statistics.