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Graduate Assistantships provide partial remission of the instructional fee portion of tuition and a salary on a regular periodic basis as compensation for the service provided each term of the appointment. There are three types of assistantships: teaching, research, and administrative. You must be a full-time graduate student, regularly admitted to a graduate degree program, and in good academic standing to begin an assistantship.

All graduate assistants (GAs) must receive both a tuition remission and salary. Tuition remission can only be processed if the GA is properly admitted and registered. The remission is initiated by the GA's employing department and entered into an electronic approval queue each term. The remission must be approved by the employing department, Graduate Studies, Financial Aid, and Cashiers before it is applied to the student's account; each approval level takes about one business day. For out-of-state students, tuition assessment will be changed from non-resident to resident rates approximately one business day after the remission has been applied to the student's account by Cashiers. GAs are responsible for notifying their employing department if their tuition remission has not been applied to their student account by the beginning of the third week of the term. A GA's salary is initiated by an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) submitted to Human Resources.

Students wishing to apply for graduate assistantships must correspond directly with the department offering the assistantship. Students are free to apply for assistantships in any department, not only in the department to which they are admitted. The Office of Graduate Studies does not maintain a list of available assistantships and does not award graduate assistantships, but does post assistantship announcements when requested.


Available Graduate Assistantships

The Office of Graduate Studies posts GA position announcements when received from hiring departments.  If no GA postings are listed below, please check back regularly as we receive announcements for available GA positions throughout the year.