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Student Media editorships open for 2013-2014 year
Author: Student Publications Board
Posted: April 8, 2013

Student Media editorships open for 2013-2014 year

The Portland State University Student Publications Board has announced that the editorships of the Vanguard, the Rearguard, the Portland Spectator, the Portland Review, Pathos Literary Magazine and managers of KPSU Radio and PSU-TV are open for the 2013-2014 academic year.

The Vanguard editor oversees PSU’s daily newspaper with a staff of nearly 60 persons
The Rearguard editor oversees the monthly publication of an alternative viewpoint
The Portland Spectator editor oversees a monthly magazine of conservative political commentary.
The Portland Review editor operates a thrice-yearly literary review that publishes fiction and art from submissions originating locally, nationally and internationally.
The Pathos Literary Magazine editor manages a thrice-yearly literary magazine that publishes only Portland State University student work.
The KPSU radio station manager runs a streaming radio station at and a short-range FM-band radio station with diverse content.
The PSU-TV manager runs a streaming video documentary production organization.

Application materials may be obtained from Judson Randall, student publications adviser, in Room S-26A in the Smith Memorial Student Union subbasement, or by sending an e-mail to Completed applications must be submitted by April 8, 2013, to Randall. Electronic submissions are preferred. The Student Publications Board will hire the editors after interviews to be conducted during the week of April 15.