Adopted Policies

The following policies have been adopted consistent with the Policy on Policies.

Policy on Policies 11-01 General Counsel 10/12/2011

Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment Policy


Office of Equity and Compliance

Reasonable Accommodation/Access Policy (revised 2/27/14) 12-02 Disability Resource Center & Human Resources 8/15/2012
Financial Conflict of Interest Policy 12-03 Research & Strategic Partnerships 8/24/2012
Email Communication Policy 13-01 Office of Information Technology 1/29/2013
Philanthropic Naming & Endowment Policy 13-02 University Foundation 7/1/2016
Financial Irregularities Policy 14-01 Finance and Administration 3/13/2014
Signature Authority & Delegation Policy 14-02 Finance and Administration 7/1/14
Equity in Public Contracting Policy 14-03 Finance and Administration 7/1/14
Acceptable Use Policy 14-04 Office of Information Technology 7/1/14

Consensual Relationships Policy

(FAQs for this Policy)

14-05 Office of Equity and Compliance & Human Resources & Office of Academic Affairs 7/1/14
Smoke & Tobacco Free Policy 14-06 Center for Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) 12/21/14
Student Conduct and Responsibility Policy 15-01 Dean of Student Life 2/27/15
HIPAA Compliance Policy 15-02 Research & Strategic Partnerships 6/16/15
PSU Alcohol and Drug-Free University Policy 15-03 Dean of Student Life and Office of Human Resources 6/16/15
Sick Leave Policy 15-04 Office of Human Resources  12/30/15 
Sustainable Procurement and Life Cycle Consideration Policy 16-01 Campus Sustainability and Contracting & Procurement 4/13/16
Alcohol at University Events Policy 16-02 Finance and Administration 10/13/16
Student Records Policy 17-01 University Registrar 1/23/17 
Religious Accommodations Policy 17-03 Global Diversity and Inclusion 2/8/17
Export Control Policy 17-04 Research & Strategic Partnerships 12/18/17

Student Pregnancy,Postpartum Assistance and Accommodations Policy

18-01 Global Diversity and Inclusion 5/1/2018
Art Collection Management Policy 19-01 Finance and Administration 1/14/2019

Electronic & Information Technology Accessibility Policy (EIT)

19-02 Global Diversity and Inclusion



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