Occupational Health Psychology
Welcome to Occupational Health Psychology! Occupational Health Psychology is a rapidly expanding interdisciplinary field that focuses on the science and practice of psychology in the promotion and development of workplace health- and safety-related initiatives.

Portland State Ranked as Top Program Nationwide!

Portland State University's Industrial and Organizational Psychology program has been ranked as the No. 1 IO program nationally in an unprecedented study from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). Researchers worked to establish rankings based on student perceptions on several criteria, including program culture and reputation, learned skills, perceptions of faculty, and various developmental opportunities. Not only did PSU rank No. 1 overall, but they ranked No. 1 in faculty quality, tied for No. 5 in program culture, and tied for No. 7 in learn practical skills. 

The authors first used graduate students as subject matter experts (SMEs) to create a set of criteria that students value the most. They then gathered student perceptions on these criteria from institutions across the nation. The authors emphasize the importance of gathering students perceptions as "such rankings can offer value as they do represent the lived experience of the very population graduate programs serve." 

The core IO faculty at PSU are Dr. Leslie Hammer, Dr. Donald Truxillo, Dr. Charlotte Fritz, Dr. Larry Martinez, and Dr. Jennifer Dimoff. These rankings not only indicate the quality of expertise and resources faculty offer to their students, but also the useful practical skills that are trained through coursework, research, and applied opportunities. The ranking additionally demonstrates the collaborative, supportive, and diverse culture that PSU students and faculty pride themselves on. 

It is an honor to be recognized for these achievements and we hope to continue incorporating these values into our everyday work! The complete rankings can be found online at my.siop.org.


SIOP White Paper on the Importance of Recovery From Work

Dr. Charlotte Fritz and Dr. Allison Ellis recently published a SIOP White Paper on the importance of recovery from work stress. The paper is titled "Marathon, Not a Sprint: The Benefits of Taking Time to Recover from Work Demands" and can be viewed here.



OHP and Total Worker Health

Our program is closely connected to the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center, a NIOSH Total Worker Health Center of Excellence:

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